Each piece of jewelry is carefully designed to match the “inner essence” of each sport. SWANKY sports jewelry underlines your desire for success, spiritual and physical excellence.

SWANKY brand has been operating since 2016 and to date has managed to win a lot of fans. The uniqueness of the jewelry company is that each of its products reflects the essence of the sport to which it is dedicated, helping the athlete to further express his love for what he does.

SWANKY JEWELRY is your way of expressing your love for sports.

A stuffy metropolis, cramped offices, stress and conflicts, all this is what a modern person wants to avoid so much. Sport will help to set the rhythm, recharge with energy, break the shackles of gray everyday life. But even while doing sports you want to look stylish.

Clothes and shoes are not the whole image. Jewelry and accessories complement it effectively. Unique Swanky jewelery shapes the perfect athlete look.

Sports-style jewelry is worn by both women and men. Soon our assortment will be diluted with children’s jewelry. The collection fits perfectly into any look, from Casual Style to classics.

The Swanky range includes pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, piercings, and more. In addition to the jewelry itself, you can purchase chains or leather jewelry cords or laces.




Original Item

with manufacturer stamp


1 year warranty

from the purchase date


Gift Wrapping

branded and stylish

We select fittings and materials taking into account the fact that the owner of the jewelry will lead an active lifestyle, therefore the products are very durable and reliable, they are not afraid of sweat, dirt and perfumes, and also have high mechanical strength.

hey keep their flawless look when worn constantly and do not interfere with exercising in the gym.

The Swanky collection is constantly expanding, there is a demand for other sports, and we follow the needs of our clients.

SWANKY JEWELRY is the highest detail, excellent quality and unique design in the category of sports design.

As a symbol of our sports brand, we have chosen the Sphynx as the smartest cat on Earth. This animal combines predatory instincts, grace and sophistication. Our products harmoniously merge brutality and elegance, lightness and power. Swanky jewelry is a symbol of enduring character, hard work on oneself and striving for higher goals.

Choose Swanky if you value every element of your outfit and want your sports connection to last forever!