All jewelry presented in our catalog undergoes a galvanic complex from the manufacturer. Products are coated with rhodium and a protective coating, which gives hardness, reliably protects against chips, scratches, darkening and tarnishing of the shiny surface.

On request, some items can be coated with a gold-containing layer. For information regarding shades of gilding, please contact our managers.

Rhodium plated products have a silvery-white hue, mirror shine and are very practical to wear.

But still, any piece of jewelry loses its appearance if its owner does not take care of it. Therefore, we have prepared useful tips for you, following which you will be able to extend the life of your jewelry:

• take off pendants, chains or other items when you go to bed;
• do not wear them when visiting a sauna or bath;
• avoid mechanical impact, as impacts, friction do not have the best effect on the appearance of the product;
• put on jewelry immediately after applying perfumes and lotions containing alcohol;
• ammonia-containing substances for cleaning products, abrasive devices are taboo for jewelry, because they damage them very much, leave micro-scratches;
• if you want to take a bath or visit the pool, take off your favorite jewelry;
• in the event of microcracks, it is enough to take the product to the master for polishing.

Use the above mentioned rhodium-plated jewelry care guidelines and you can wear your jewelry for many years while maintaining its dazzling appearance.